Multi Stim (Electric Stimulation)
This therapy stimulates muscles, reduces swelling and pain, and increases circulation to heal damaged tissue and accelerate healing process.

Intersegmental Traction
A way of inducing passive motion into the spine. It works by increasing mobility and decreasing fixation in the spine. The patient is laid face up on a table which has rollers beneath its surface. The rollers travel up and down the back of the individual gently stretching the spinal joints.

Exercise Therapy
Stretching and strengthening exercises are used for rehabilitation of the muscles.

Cervical Stabilizer
Strengthens ligaments which hold vertebrae in place and helps hold adjustment longer.

Light Therapy
Light Therapy is used to treat four categories of disorders: (1) tissue repair, (2) pain reduction, (3) resolution of inflammation, and (4) bacterial eradication.

Used to reduce swelling and help control pain immediately after an injury.

Most commonly used for rehabilitation purposes. The therapeutic effects of heat include increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues; decreasing joint stiffness; reducing pain; relieving muscle spasms; reducing inflammation, edema, and aiding in the post acute phase of healing; and increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow to the affected area provides proteins, nutrients, and oxygen for better healing.