Meeker Chiropractic provides chiropractic care to infants, toddlers, young children and teens. All the activities of childhood can affect the spine development and cause impairment to a child's nervous system. Impairment to a nervous system affects a child's natural ability to heal and be its best.

Dr. Gretta treats the following pediatric conditions:

        •  Allergies
        •  Asthma
        •  Colic
        •  Constipation
        •  Dance Injuries
        •  Ear Infection
        •  Headaches
        •  Hyperactivity
        •  Nutritional Issues
        •  Obesity
        •  PMS
        •  Poor Posture
        •  Reflux
        •  Scoliosis
        •  Stomach Ache
        •  Sports Injuries
        •  Toxicity
        •  Trouble Breast Feeding

Please call us at 412-856-1051 to schedule your child's appointment and see how Dr. Gretta can help.