From A. M.
Dr. Gretta is my HERO. I have had chiropractic care for myself for years. (I hurt my back several times trying to do things I shouldn't.) My husband is an engineer and a natural skeptic, so I never expected to take my children to a chiropractor. "Why fix what isn't broken?" was my thought. Then, my second son, Parker, was born with terrible reflux. Not knowing what to do, I took him to Children's Hospital. They put him on Zantac 3 times a day.

From P. S.
I have been a Physical Education Instructor for 37 years actively teaching at the North Allegheny School District . I have always prided my self on living a life style that promotes healthy physical activity. I have been running long distance for 35 years. I engage in the elliptical machine during winter months. I try and exercise 45-60 minutes a day. I also play both basketball, bike and golf recreationally. Being active has always been part of my lifestyle. Three years ago I injured my ankle very badly playing basketball and resorted to using a full ankle brace. During that period I also changed my running gate due to this injury. I started to experience some hip and joint pain associated with my running. I continued to run but the pain grew worse. My doctors diagnosed the pain as trochanteric bursitis and osteoarthritis associated with the bone-on-bone contact caused by running every day.