Massages at Meeker Chiropractic offer a combination of Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Myofascial release modalities. A massage may scheduled for 15-minutes, 30-minutes, or 60-minutes. Gift Certificates for massage may also be purchased.

Swedish - (Circulatory) Massage
Relaxes and softens tired, injured and overworked muscles. It will also pump oxygen into tissues and vital organs, which improves circulation.

Deep Tisue - (Neuromuscular) Massage
Pushes toxins that have built up (mostly lactic acid) out of the muscle fibers, reducing "knots" and/or "trigger points".

Myofascial Release Massage
Slow stretching of muscle fibers. It is normally used in combination with the Swedish and deep tissue techniques to increase joint flexibility, relieve migraine/headache pain and alleviate neck and low back pain along with increasing range of motion.

Pregnancy Massage
Meeker Chiropractic now offers "Pregnancy Massage". A pregnancy massage should be very soothing and relaxing in style. Deep tissue work, abdominal kneading and certain acupuncture points should be avoided. Pregnancy massage provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints. It eases neck and back pain, helps to keep good posture; relaxes and provides flexibility to birthing muscles.

A pregnancy massage will aid in the lymphatic and circulatory system. It will keep blood flowing to mother and baby. It stimulates various glands in the body to help stabilize hormone levels and relieves nervous tension through the body. This type of massage will also promote relaxation and emotional support. A post-partum pregnancy massage can be very beneficial after giving birth. It can help restore a mother's body to its pre-pregnancy condition. It can help realign the body weight and tone the over-stretched skin over the belly. As with all massage, it relieves muscle tension and stress from mothering duties.

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